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Redhawks Athletics

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Redhawks Athletics

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5 months ago @ 9:24AM

COVID 19 Return to Play Information for the week of 11/9: Course 5 Updates(11/12/20)

Student Athletes and Families:

Course 5 and Athletics:  As like most schools in the area, GCS has officially announced that GHS and GMS 7th - 12th grade will be all virtual starting Monday, 11/16 through Thanksgiving.   I wanted to update you all on how this affects athletic activities and fan attendance.

There has been no correlation as of yet between the spike in Covid cases and athletic participation.  For this reason, Elkhart County superintendents have approved winter sports teams can continue as scheduled, but there will be more stringent fan restrictions.

Fan Restrictions:   While Elkhart County remains in "orange" on the Coronavirus scale, we will allow 4 tickets/coach and student-athlete for them to distribute to family as they choose.  If Elkhart County moves to "RED" on the Coronavirus scale, this will be reduced to 2 tickets/coach and student athlete with the intent being those be used for parents/guardians only.

Off Season Sport Workouts:  At GHS, we will allow spring and fall teams to continue to offer off-season activities with the following adjustments.  There can be no more than 25 individuals in the weight room at a time, no partner lifting, and all conditioning and agility work will be done outside.  We are very concerned about the mental health of our students and feel we can offer these activities safely and they will aid in our kids maintaining hope.  If Elkhart County is declared "RED" on the Coronavirus scale, we will suspend workouts for off season teams.

Transportation to Practices and Start times:   This has not been officially approved yet, but for those kids who need to take a bus from eLearning at home to athletic practices at GHS or GMS, here is the pick up times and locations.  Prairie View        2:35      Chamberlain   2:50    West Goshen   3:00  GMS drop off  3:15   GHS drop off   3:25

The bus will have internet access and the kids will be expected to be online in class while on the bus.  Coaches are also analyzing current practice start times, as we may start 15 - 30 minutes later to allow for travel from home to practices.  

Winter sports update and Tickets:  Check out and the weekly Ticket plan for ticket options for those games.     My main priority will be to get family members of players a certain amount of tickets.  

Winter Sports PPMs:  We are not hosting one large parent player meeting.  Each sport will notify their student-athletes of their parent player night.   Wrestling meets in the auditorium at 6:30 PM on 11/12, winter sideline Cheer meets in the cafeteria at 6 PM this Friday, 11/13, B BKB meets at noon on 11/14 in the main gym, and B Swim/Dive meets in the GMS auditorium at 6:30 PM on 11/16.  

 As always, Peace be with you, GHS!
Larry Kissinger, CAA
Director of Athletics
Goshen High School
Transformational Impact Statement(for now) is:  I lead to prepare student-athletes for lifelong success by modeling education based athletics and serving others with a + attitude!


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