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4 days ago @ 4:04PM

Brynn Shoup-Hill Becomes All-Time Scoring Leader for GHS Girls Basketball

On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, during a home basketball game with South Bend St. Joseph, Goshen High School senior Brynn Shoup-Hill became the new All-Time Scoring leader for girls basketball, surpassing the record previously held by GHS graduate Aimee Swihart. Brynn set the record with games still left in the regular season, so she will add to her record now and into the state tournament. According to Brynn, “It is a huge honor to become the all-time leading scorer and I am very grateful for my teammates and coaches for helping me accomplish this. It wasn’t necessarily a goal that I was focused on, but it was a by-product of other team goals that I wanted to accomplish over the years…My goals for this year for our team are to win conference and sectionals. I think that we have a lot of potential and talent on this team and these goals are definitely within our reach.”

When asked how her parents influenced her as a coach/teacher (Shaun Hill) and a parent/teacher (Kelly Shoup-Hill), Brynn said, “Since my dad was my coach when I was younger, coached me and my siblings 1 on 1 forever, and is my high school coach, he has had the biggest impact on my performance as a basketball player.” And of her mom, “My mom has a huge impact on me, she always tells me things how they are, she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Even though it is not what I want to hear all the time, it is very important to have someone in your life that tells you the truth. She also helps keep me on track with my schoolwork during the basketball season, since it is a hectic time for my family. It’s nice to have someone to help me with that.”

Brynn plans to attend the University of Dayton to continue her studies and basketball career, although she is still undecided about her college major. According to her dad, she is a good student and her choices for a career are wide open. “Brynn is currently ranked 63rd out of 442 students in her class and she has a Cumulative GPA of 3.64 (weighted 3.78). She is also a member of the National Honor Society, was an Academic All-State recipient in volleyball, a member of the Student Athletic Council, a Stay in Bounds Ambassador, has been a member of Student Council, and has received Scholar Athlete awards in Volleyball (4 years), Basketball (3 years), and Softball (2 years).”

Aside from being a great student in the classroom, Brynn has also amassed some impressive game stats over her four years of varsity basketball. Those stats include:

  • Coming into the Jan. 12 contest, Brynn had competed in 86 varsity basketball games and started every game.  She is shooting 44% for her career (397/905) for a total of 1,217 points.
  • 2P made, 287, 2P attempts, 567 for 51%
  • 3P made, 110, 3P attempts, 338 for 33%
  • FT made, 313, FT attempts, 381 for 82%
  • Offensive rebounds 251, Defensive rebounds 556 for a total of 807
  • Assists, 85
  • Steals, 96
  • Blocks, 333

All Time GHS Girls Basketball Records:


Single Game Scoring:  36 points – 1st

Single Season Scoring: 371 points – 2nd

Single Game Field Goals Made:  14 made – 2nd

Single Game Field Goal %:  73.7% (14 of 19) – 5th

Single Season Field Goals Made:  128 – 4th

Single Season Field Goal %: 49.6% (128 of 258) – 8th

Career Field Goals Made:  4th coming into this season.

Career Field Goal %: 9th Coming into this season.

Single Season Free Throw: 83.9% (94 of 112) – 1st (she also holds 2nd and 4th place in this category)

Career Free Throw:  1st coming into the season at 82.5%


Single Game Rebounds: 21 rebounds – 1st

Time Single Season Rebounds:  277 rebounds – 1st

Time Career Rebounds:  Currently 1st

Blocked Shots

Single Game Blocks: She holds the top 4 spots.

Single Season Blocks:  She is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Career Blocks:  1st coming into the season.

When asked about coaching his own children, Coach Hill said, “I have enjoyed coaching my kids throughout the years. I was coaching before they were born, so they grew up around me and my coaching friends. As they have developed their passions for competition and sport, I have enjoyed watching them develop as athletes.” Asked if he would be disappointed if his children did not play basketball, he said, “Right now all of the kids are multiple-sport athletes so I don’t think I would be disappointed if they chose another sport. If they were passionate about a sport or activity; my wife and I would just support them. We always encouraged our children to try all sports growing up. In Brynn’s 17 years she has tried dance, soccer, swimming, flag football, tennis, golf, softball, volleyball, and basketball.” He concluded by saying, “I just have fond memories of the kids participating in different sports and activities over the years. We get good laughs at the videos we have taken of them competing.”

Brynn’s mom, Kelly, an English teacher at Goshen Middle School, takes on different roles with her children. “I try to stay on top of the kids’ academics and make sure they are getting all their work done in the classroom. My main role over the years has been that of the chauffeur. I have a larger role when it comes to the kids’ AAU teams, to see what works for our family. Brynn has played for an AAU team out of Fort Wayne her entire high school career, so I have spent many hours in the car with her driving to and from practices and tournaments. Even though she slept most of the time or had her headphones in, we also had hours of one-on-one time where we could talk. I will always cherish those moments.”

Asked if she and Shaun did anything significant to raise such good students, Kelly said, “We didn’t do anything special as they were growing up. We read to them. We tried to provide as many educational opportunities as possible for them, like museums, zoos, etc. Plus, we set the example for them by having them see us read and work on schoolwork. But I really think they are strong students because they are competitive. They want to do their best at everything. And Brynn enjoys reading like I do. I love it when we talk about the great books we are reading.”

Ms. Shoup-Hill will miss Brynn when she heads to Dayton next fall. “Brynn is an easy-going kid that goes with the flow without much complaining. I’m going to miss seeing and talking with her, and our quick trips to Target. I will miss watching her play volleyball and basketball (even though we will get to as many basketball games at Dayton as we can).” Her siblings will also miss hanging out with Brynn. “She is usually willing to let them come into her room for hours at a time or go swimming with them in the summer. Since COVID, the kids have spent a lot of time together, listening to music or watching videos. They will really miss her.”

When given the question, how does a family as busy as yours manage to maintain a good work, school, and life balance? Kelly replied, “Honestly, I have no idea! We don’t know any other life than a busy one, so we just make it work. We are used to staying up late or getting up early to get things done. We divide and conquer when it comes to getting the kids to events and watching their events. In addition, the kids have some great friends whose parents have always been willing to help us out when we can’t be in three or four places at once.” There are five children in the Shoup Hill family, MaKayla (Shoup) Beebe, and Brynn, Deecon, Kyra, and Taryn. And while the Shoup Hill family does not claim to be anything out of the ordinary, they have certainly raised an extraordinary student-athlete in Brynn Shoup-Hill.

As their school corporation, GCS is happy to be their extended school family. We congratulate Brynn and look forward to seeing her play for the Dayton Flyers. In the meantime, we wish the entire GHS girls basketball team good luck as they pursue their season goals! #HeartofaRedHawk


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