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Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School


Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

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2 months ago @ 3:24PM

Football Jamboree Information

Goshen High School will host a varsity football Jamboree on Friday, 8/16/19, starting at 7 PM.  Admission for the evening will be $5 for 6th grade – Adult, but GHS all sport and football season tickets will be honored.  No visiting school tickets will be accepted.   The only ticket gate that will be open for the evening will be the gate west of the home bleachers next to the concession stand.  Fans should park in the west parking lot.  We will have handicap and senior citizen parking that can go through the ticket booth. There is no QuarterBack Club parking at the Jamboree.

Participating schools are: Bremen, Fairfield, Goshen, and Jimtown. The schedule is:

Quarter 1:  Bremen(W) vs. Goshen(R)

Quarter 2:  Jimtown(W) vs. Fairfield (B)

Quarter 3:  Bremen (W) vs. Fairfield (B)

Quarter 4:  Bremen JV vs. Fairfield JV

Quarter 5:  Jimtown(W) vs. Goshen(R)

Quarter 6:  Jimtown JV vs. Goshen JV

Goshen Football Season and All Sport Tickets will be available for purchase.

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