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Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School


Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

InSideOut Coaching Initiative

The coaching staff at GHS is taking part in the InSideOut Coaching initiative that was started by former NFL player Joe Ehrmann.  This is a growing initiative among athletic programs across the nation to help coaches build programs that are focused more on the athletes’ future than the number of wins.

Click here to learn more about this movement within high school athletic programs around the country.

Here is a list of our GHS coaches and their transformational impact statements:

Unified Sports

Sean Smuts

To change lives both on and off the field by being present and modeling the virtues/character traits I want to see cultivated in my athletes and staff. This way my athletes can grow to be people of character and integrity.


Kyle Park

To positively impact players to reach their potential through the development of discipline, accountability, and character.

Girls Soccer

Dan Graber

Helping young people develop a love for sports and for others that will steer them toward becoming someone who will make a difference in the world.

Boys Basketball

Michael Wohlford

I lead to teach students and athletes to pursue their passions with enthusiasm and maximum effort while putting the team and others first.

Girls Track & Field

Aaron Willis

Helping students to develop a mindstate that competition shouldn't lead to fear and stress, but should lead to growth and success.


Brent Kulp

To be a positive role model and change the lives of my players on and off the field by creating an atmosphere that supports Faith, Family, Academics, & Softball.

Director of Athletics

Larry Kissinger

To prepare student-athletes for success by modeling education based athletics and serving others with a + attitude!


Daniel Love

To encourage athletes to always give high energy, effort, and enthusiasm in everything they do and develop strength of character that can withstand adversity

Boys Golf

Brent Randall

I coach young people in sports and life by modeling integrity and respect as they grow and mature, both as student athletes and as young men

Boys Track & Field

Graham Clark

Working on narrowing 2 statements into 1.

Swimming & diving

Barrett Younghans

To continually grow with my swimmers in all aspects of our lives not only athletically, but in becoming a better-rounded person.

Girls Basketball

Shaun Hill

To inspire athletes to pursue excellence in life and athletics. We will opperate as a FAMILY that demonstrates the ATTITUDE and COMMITMENT that produces EXCELLENCE..
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