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Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School


Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

InSideOut Coaching Initiative

The coaching staff at GHS is taking part in the InSideOut Coaching initiative that was started by former NFL player Joe Ehrmann.  This is a growing initiative among athletic programs across the nation to help coaches build programs that are focused more on the athletes’ future than the number of wins.

Click here to learn more about this movement within high school athletic programs around the country.

Here is a list of our GHS coaches and their transformational impact statements:

Football Kyle Park To positively impact players to reach their potential through the development of discipline, accountability, and character.

Girls Soccer

Myron Bontreger

To ensure that student athletes and coaches enjoy the sport, grow in skill and competitive abilities, and commit to sportmanship and good citizenship. 

Girls Soccer

Marcela Berry

I coach to help athletes create lasting memories on the field that can remain with them as they strive to be the best in the real world.

Boys Basketball

Michael Wohlford

I lead to teach students and athletes to pursue their passions with enthusiasm and maximum effort while putting the team and others first.


Jim Pickard

I lead to positively impact student athletes to become productive citizens through accountability and discipline.


Brent Kulp

To be a positive role model and change the lives of my players on and off the field by creating an atmosphere that supports Faith, Family, Academics, & Softball.

Director of Athletics

Larry Kissinger

To prepare student-athletes for success by modeling education based athletics and serving others with a + attitude!


Daniel Love

I lead to equip and empower student athletes to change their world.

Boys Golf

Brent Randall

I coach young people in sports and life by modeling integrity and respect as they grow and mature, both as student athletes and as young men

Boys Track & Field

Scott Lancaster

I coach to lead others to set goals, have patience working hard in reaching those goals, and to have courage during the process of becoming a success and a selfless teammate.

Swimming & Diving

Mia Miller

I coach to inspire student-athletes to take pride in their COMMITMENT to “team,” operating as FAMILY, respecting and supporting others in a POSITIVE manner to shape well-rounded and productive LEADERSHIP long after their time at GHS.

Girls Basketball

Shaun Hill

I coach to inspire athletes to pursue excellence in life and athletics. Our program operates as a FAMILY that demonstrates the ATTITUDE and COMMITMENT that produces EXCELLENCE.

Cross Country Mike Wynn I coach to help student-athletes devolop tools to enable them to be copetitive and productive individuals for the future.
Girls Golf Jenna Pecenka I coach to assist student-athletes in becoming successful learners, players, and citizens who put forth their best effort into any task they complete.
Baseball JJ DuBois

I lead to teach students and athletes the purpose of leading with integrity and how to serve in order to positively influence their community.

Cheerleading Kristy Sloan I coach to work with student-athletes to become well rounded citizens for our community
Boys Soccer Viratham Mounsithiraj

I coach to model the importance of hard work, commitment, and perseverance while passionately coaching with a caring attitude.

Girls Soccer Kelsey Hulbert I coach to bring out the best in each athlete, both on and off the field, and to provide keys to help them unlock their true potential as they grow into better citizens of the world.
Girls Soccer Tyler Born I coach to ensure that each athlete learns the skills, tactics, and discipline of the sport while developing positive character which will impact the world.
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