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Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School


Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

Redhawks Athletics

Goshen High School

Girls Varsity Cheerleading Year Round 2018-2019 2019 Football .

Goshen High School Cheerleading

2019 Football Game Day Information


Thank you for your interest in Goshen High School Cheerleading!


Goshen Cheerleaders are a group of athletes that cheer and perform at athletic events. They are to have a crowd pleasing appearance, enthusiastic, outgoing and well rounded individual.   Be able to interact with fans and students at all athletic events. Goshen Cheerleaders must be able to be a part of a team that shows positive support not only for her team members, but must be supportive of the coach, the cheerleading program and Goshen High School.


Required Paperwork: To be able to participate in ANY type of workouts/practices, you must have an up-to-date physical and concussion/cardiac paper completed and turned into the athletic office. If you played a sport at GHS this past year, you have a physical already on file and do not have to worry about it until June 30, 2019.  As of July 1, 2019 you must have a new physical dated after 4/1/19 and new concussion/cardiac forms completed. Only physicals that were obtained after April 1, 2019 are eligible for 2019-20 school year. If you got one before that date, it will not be eligible and you will be required to get another one. See the Athletic Department for more information if needed.


2019 Football Game Day Cheerleading: The number of members chosen for each team will depend upon the quality and number of athletes at tryouts. RedHawk Cheer is a program that requires each athlete to make this team a priority. Football Game Day pre-season will begin on July 10th with open gyms twice a week. Football game day season begins on August 5th at 4pm in the warehouse. Practices and games will start in August, see the google calendar on the cheer website for more information. Depending on numbers JV and Freshman team members may cheer together. Any Junior, Sophomore or Freshman on the JV team could be asked to cheer with varsity team. As Freshman on JV could be asked to cheer at Freshman football games. Freshman on the Freshman team could be asked to cheer JV games.


Football Game Day Teams

Varsity team cheers all varsity football games, home and away in addition to weekly practices Skills needed at this level may include but not limited to, standing back handspring or standing tuck.

Junior Varsity team will cheer at all Junior Varsity home football games along with some Junior Varsity away games. In addition to weekly practices.

Freshman team will cheer at all freshman home football games in addition to weekly practices. 






Football Game Day Evaluation

Each athlete will be asked to perform several skills throughout the evaluation process. Skills evaluated but not limited to motions, chants, jumps, tumbling, dance and stunting. Tuesday, August 6th each athlete will be notified if they made the RedHawk Cheer Team. By Friday, August 9th team placement will be made.

  • Please wear the following to evaluation:
    • Goshen Apparel (shorts/shirts need to follow athletic handbook guidelines)
    • Cheer shoes are a must for FLYERS - Athletic shoes may be worn for bases/back spots (no vans/keds/slip on)
    • Hair and make-up should be “game day ready” i.e. bow, hair should be off shoulders (ponytail) and out of face (we want to see that beautiful smile :-) )
    • Appearance will be looked at as well as your athletic skills
    • ABSOLUTELY NOT JEWELRY IS TO BE WORN!! This includes earrings of any kind (ears, nose, tongue, belly button rings, etc). If you make the team, you will not be allowed to wear any of these earrings during practices or games.
      Personal Cost
      We do our best to keep personal expenses to a minimum. An online store for apparel will be available in late July/early August. All orders will need to be placed by Friday, August 9th. Some of the apparel/accessory is the same from previous. If you have these items from previous years there is no need to order again unless you need to replace an apparel/accessory. If selected as a member of the Goshen High School Cheer Team, you may be required to purchase the following but not limited to:
      **Previous Season Apparel- Required for All Teams**
      Red Bow (solid) $6.00            White Bow (solid) $6.00          White Crop Bodysuit $17.00
      Red Spandex $17.00
      **Previous Season Apparel - Required for Varsity Team Only in addition to above apparel**
      Black Bow (solid) $14.00        Pink Shirt $22.00        Pink Bow $10.00
      Black Crop Bodysuit $17.00
      **New for 2019 Season - Required for All Team**
      Practice Shirt $10.00              Team Sweatshirt $24.00         Fleece Headband $10.00
      **Shoes for Football Season need to be in good shape (no tape/holes, etc)**
      Important Dates
      July 10th - open gym and pilates begins
      August 5th - first day of Football Game Day Season
      August 7th - first day of School
      August 23rd - 1st Varsity
      August 24th - Inflatable 5K
      August 27th - Youth Camp
      All Star/Competitive Cheerleading (Outside of Goshen High School ex: Indiana Ultimate, Champion Force) This is a reminder of the IHSAA rule 15-1.1 c. or 15-1.2 a. A student-athlete may receive a maximum of two waivers during the contest season to participate in non-school competition. Student-athletes need to be at all scheduled Goshen High School cheerleading practices/games. A student-athlete can not miss a game/practice or scheduled event due to a non-school competition. Failure to comply with this rule may result in removal from Goshen High School Cheerleading program. A form must be completed and returned to the Athletic Director for any waiver.
      Contact Information: Coach Sloan can be reached by email and text. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Kristy Sloan                                                                
      Head Cheer Coach                    Email:

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